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Monday, December 21, 2015

I'm Still Here

I really am still here!  So sorry I have been missing for a while.  Things are not really hectic here, I've just been busy with work and family stuff, so finding "me time" to blog his just been put on the back burner.

Anyway, not much has been going on really.  Like I said, we've been working a lot.  Our customers like getting their "babies" pretty for Santa, so we like to get as many of them in as possible!!

I'm finally finished with my shopping and wrapping.  I still have a few cookies to make, but the ingredients are bought so that's half the battle!

This past Friday I went to my WW meeting.

I am down 3.6 pounds.  But don't forget, I had that big gain last week, so I am still off track from my plan for December, but at least this week I lost some, so I will take it :)    WW has made some changes to their plan.  These are pretty big changes.  Some of my WW friends are pretty negative about it.  Honestly, I was super mad and hesitant about the change at first too.  It kind of makes it hard to treat yourself.  I mean you can, but the points for the "good stuff" are much higher now.  I realize that that is they way it should be, but when you are used to eating those darn M&M's for 5 points, and now having to give up 12 points for them, it is just frustrating.  After I made peace with the fact that this is much better for me in the long run, I realized that I could still have M&M's if I wanted them, I just can't have as much as I used to have.  Like I said, this is the way it's supposed to be, it's a no brainer that you shouldn't eat as much junk if you are trying to lose weight.  WW now is focusing on higher protein, lower sugar foods, which is really wonderful for me since I am a sugar addict.  I just have to learn how to swap out my points and juggle them around if I want to treat myself.  Right now it takes up a lot of my time, just trying to figure out what I can eat for how many points, since the WW App is not in perfect working order yet, and the WW points for my favorite things are different now.  Anyway, I am excited about the new program and am looking forward to seeing how my body reacts to a newer way of eating.  For now, with Christmas and everything around the corner, I am going to be working the plan as much as I can, but still allowing myself to enjoy some Christmas treats and such :)   I realize that I am not going to be 100 percent good this Christmas.  No matter how many times I tell myself I will, I just wont be.  I already have been eating things that I haven't been eating on WW.  Our wonderful customers have been giving us candy, and cookies and it would be a shame to waste them :)  What I wont do, is go all out eating, all day every day of my vacation.  (We are off until January 5th) That is what I normally do every year and I ruin my weight loss progress in just a few weeks.  I will not do that this year.  I will take a few days to treat myself, then jump right back on track!!  I have weigh in's now that I have to be good for :) 

I will leave you with some new pictures of my sweet little Ava :) 

Isn't she the cutest!? 


Don't forget to enjoy life during this wonderful Christmas season, whatever that means for you.  If it means eating a few Christmas Cookies, then do it.  Remember................


  1. I've sure eaten my share of cookies already, ugh!! Been very hectic too. Looking forward to it being over with it, is that horrible. I mean happy to visit with family but otherwise, I will be glad it is over with. Merry Christmas Lori

  2. Hello Lori - I've been away for a while, but am looking forward to catching up on your blog. Have a wonderful New Year!

  3. I'm enjoying reading what everyone things about the new WW plan. Change always feels scary to me! Wow - 12 points for M&Ms. My brownies are surely 500 points now. LOL Hope you had a great Christmas!