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Monday, December 28, 2015

A Few Christmas Thoughts :)

Christmas has come and gone.  I wont go on and on about how terrible I was eating all that Christmas Fun.  I am not proud of some of the days that I went overboard, and I'm not proud that I will not make my January 2nd goal of being 199 pounds, but I am proud of one thing.....I am proud of the fact that I jumped back on track on Monday.  Usually I let my eating continue until after the New Year begins, thinking, in my own twisted way, that I will never eat chocolate again, so I'm going to eat as much as I can right now and "start January 1st".  I didn't do that.  This is a first.  I broke the chain, and I am damn proud!  Now, please let me get through New Years!!  :)

Here are a few moments of our Christmas Season....

This first one is from my Sister Connie's birthday celebration :)  

My Mom, my SIL Julie, 
Connie, Me, my SIL Steph, 
and my daughter Blayne :)

One of our traditions is to go on a Santa Walk on Christmas Eve.  Usually we gather all the kids and go walk around the neighborhood on a search for Santa.  Ringing bells and singing.  Now....it's just an adult walk.  They boys opted to stay home this year.......Sigh..... But as you can see, we still had huge fun!  Beer, wine, and Buddy :)  That is my SIL Julie.  She is in love with Buddy!  

I didn't realize that Laker was so attentive in this picture until I was editing them :) She just loves presents!!

Ava with one of her presents :) 

Me and Mom :) 

Connie and Blayne

A few days ago, I sat in the quiet of my room, with the light from my Christmas Tree, and thanked God for my family.  I began to think about all those out there that have no one to celebrate Christmas with.  Sometimes, you hear about all the sadness that goes along with Christmas, and when I was younger, I used to wonder why.  Now I know why.  I am lucky enough to still have my parents with me.  My whole family is healthy and around me.  Others are not as lucky.  Dealing with illness, dealing with suffering, and even missing those who have passed, can make the holidays very hard.    Christmas is the time that we remember our childhood, our Mom and Dad, our brothers and sisters all growing up together.  It is hard to relive happy memories when family members are no longer around.  I said a prayer for all of my friends who have family members suffering, and for those who have lost someone.  I hope everyone out there found some kind of peace over the holidays, and can look back on their memories and let them shine through.  Merry Christmas!



  1. Lori, I agree wholeheartedly. I think because Christmas is such a special and nostalgic holiday...we are all missing something, loved ones who have past, family living out of town, or even the magic of Christmases past. All we can do is enjoy the wonderful gift of today!

  2. Getting back on track is tough - bravo to you for jumping in early!

  3. Even though you won't meet your weight goal, you still did your best and got right back on track. That's awesome!

    I definitely have mixed emotions around Christmas since my mom passed away... for various reasons, my family just isn't as close as we were when she was alive. However, now that I have my own little family and the kids are getting older, Christmas is becoming fun again and we're starting to make our own traditions. I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Lovely pictures, Lori! I love to Santa walk tradition. :-) Kudos on being back on track on Monday. That is very hard to do!

  5. It looks like a wonderful holiday! I am very lucky that all of my immediate family is still with me.....so very lucky! And I dread the day when that is no longer the case!