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Monday, January 18, 2016

In Love and Finding Support

Happy Monday!!

Just wanted to start you off with  my view this snowy Monday morning.  :)  Thank goodness I'm off today.  I wouldn't want to leave this little darling :) 


One of my early Christmas gifts from Greg was a fitbit Charge HR.  I have a little fitbit Zip, but I have been wanting to update and get the wrist one.  Weight Watchers was having a sale on them before Christmas, so I called Greg and he said get it!  I have been wearing it since then, but just more or less getting used to the feeling of it on my wrist, and playing with it a bit.  Just recently tho, I have been totally obsessed with it.  Now, I know all new fitbit wears get this new found obsession, and can't stop checking it, I used to hear all the jokes, and thought "come on!"  But, I am really obsessing, and I really can't stop checking it!  My life is revolving around this beautiful black thing on my wrist.

Yes...I am in love with my fitbit..........

I recently joined a weight loss group.  It's actually called a Healthy Living Group but we are all there to lose weight.  It is made up of some local ladies that I know, and some that I know only from Facebook.  We meet once a week, for 8 weeks, weigh in and discuss our week. We get points for certain things, one is 30 minutes of exercise a day.  Most of these ladies have fitbits and we connected up to do challenges.  This is probably the best thing I have done to propel me to move more.  I think I have walked more these past few weeks then I have my entire life. lol  Really, I'm serious!  Our first challenge I came in 2nd!!  I was winning all week, and then ended up coming in 2nd.  As you know I hate to walk, so this is so big for me!  I am happy to even place at all!  We started a new challenge today so I will be pushing myself to get off my butt again, and that is always a positive thing.

I am so happy to have found these ladies,  They are a constant source of support for me.  We are all in the same place.  Wanting to get healthy.  Some have more to loose, like me, and others not as much, but still struggle with the same issues that I do.  Amazing how alike we all are.  We support each other throughout the week via our facebook group page, then some of us meet and weigh in on Wednesday nights.   Friday is my weigh in day at WW, so that really helps me stay on track all week!

We all need things or people to help us on our journey.  I have my family and you all, I have my WW meetings, I have my new Healthy Living group, and  now, I have my new best friend, my fitbit :)



  1. I love that you have found that group to help you. A friend and I are on a plan together right now and it does help. :)

    Enjoy your day home. Lately I think I'm as happy as my kids when they are off of school. lol

  2. That kind of support is so awesome! Love my FitBit :)

  3. Hi Lori - It's so much easier and more wonderful to focus on fitness goals with such support! I love my fitbit too.

  4. I'm so glad that you have an awesome support group! That will make SUCH a difference! I have been toying with a fitbit for quite some time now. I go back and forth. Your making me lean back toward buying one!!!! :-)