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Friday, January 22, 2016


Happy Anniversary Connie and Paul!!  My sister and her husband have been married 21 years! They met when she was 18, so they've been together 31 years.  Anniversary's are wonderful!  Not only do we take time to celebrate an amazing milestone, but we also take the time to reminisce about our younger days.  My sister and I spent the day remembering how our family first met Paul, what we thought of him (all good mind you).  Also, hearing Connie tell the story of how they met, the wedding day......Sigh!  I love trips down Memory Lane :)   When I think back of the younger version of my sister.  Little sister, scrawny, tomboy.  Here she is now, married woman, mom. tomboy :)  Sometimes I still see that little girl, and am so proud of who she grew into.

Last night us girls in the family went out to dinner to celebrate a few occasions!  My SIL Julie had a birthday on Saturday.  We were unable to celebrate then, because my sister, mom and I worked at a benefit for a family at our Church.  Anyway, we all decided to go out last night to celebrate Julie!  Alyssa, Julies daughter is due with her second baby boy in a few weeks, so we thought we would surprise her with a little shower at the restaurant too.  Two celebrations in one!  We called ahead to warn them, and got a seat away from other customers, as to not disrupt anyone :)

My fun non-alcoholic drink.  Pina Colada :) 
It was fabulous! 

Julie with with foil print that 
my daughter Blayne made her.

Excited for more presents! 
She is so cute :) 

The mommy to be.
Alyssa :) 

A lantern that Blayne made 
for the baby's room
The theme is 
"Where the Wild Things Are"

Here are more views of the lantern.
It just turned out so cute!

The Girls :) 

 From the front, left, Our friend Darlene.    My sister Connie.  Daughter Blayne.  Me :)   My niece Alyssa.   SIL Julie.   Niece Ariel.   SIL Steph :)

I apologize for the quality of my pictures.  I used my phone, and I can't get the flash right.

Anyway, we had a wonderful time celebrating each other.
Anniversary, Baby. Birthday.  Family.

 Even if there isn't an occasion, it is just nice to celebrate life and family.  Both are a wonderful blessing!



  1. Happy birthday to Julie! Happy Anniversary to Connie! Congratulations to Alyssa! What a cheerful post! I love the lantern, and the Pina Colada looks soooooo yummy!

  2. Love love love what you said about being proud of who your sister grew into it :) Enjoy all the celebrations!

  3. OMG that lantern is adorable! Will they be naming the baby Max, by chance?

    What a fun celebration. I like how much you enjoy your family!

  4. I really was a scrappy tomboy, and you were always the maternal sweetheart...the typical middle child peacemaker. You have not changed and that's a good thing! So blessed to have you in my life :)

  5. wow, these pics are really so happy, many congratulations to your sisteer & her husband on her wedding anniversary!!!!!

  6. What a wonderful celebration of life and love!