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Monday, October 17, 2016

Shopping With A Best Friend

Today was beautiful!  75 degrees and sunny.  A perfect day to do a little shopping!

Ava begged me to take her with me :)

Here is our day in pictures..............

Our 30 minute ride into the big city :)

First stop....Starbucks of course :)
Sorry for the windshield!
So many tiny bugs this time of year!

Next to Pet Smart 
for some new accessories! 

New pretty collar! 

Next stop Michaels.
Ava is so excited!! 

In her bag,
shopping for stickers and fun stuff!

Jimmy Johns for lunch!!

Checking out the Unwich

Giving the OK on the bacon.

Stopped at Wegmans
 for a few groceries

Trying not to fall asleep
on the way home......

That was our day!  Hope you all had as much fun today as we did :)


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  1. I literally smiled through this whole post! Looks like Ava had a fun day...loving the new bling too. I always tell my "girls", "Ellen and Greta, you guys are my best friends!"

  2. Awww, so cute. It reminded me of the movie Legally Blonde! Love it, your post!

  3. That's funny how shopping wore her out :)