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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hello February!

Happy February!  I know it's already three days into the month, but I am just getting around to getting this post up....late as usual!

My WW weigh-in was this past Friday.  I was happy with my weigh in, because as you know I've been losing and gaining repeatedly since Christmas.  I hope this will help motivate me to stick with my points and start to see the numbers go down on the scale :)

This is my start to February!  14 pounds down is not to good considering I started in October, but at least I am down something instead of up :)   No more up and down for me!!  I'm ready to really do work!  

I made my February goals to help me stay on track through Valentines Day.  Holidays are killer for me.  I let it all go and over over over indulge because of these reasons.......

1  It looks and tastes so good. 
2  It's a holiday, and you have to.  
3  I deserve it because I've been good.

Then it triggers all my cravings all over again and it's weeks before I get my control back, because if you know me and my ways of eating, I can't just have one.  I have to have lots and then add to it for days.

This year will be different.  I am going to try to approach holidays with a different mind set.  Why do I have to make food the center of every holiday...every special occasion?  There is more to life than stuffing chocolate and goodies in my mouth in the name of celebration.  This is changing!  I am beginning this Valentines day because that is the day for chocolate, and I am sooo all about chocolate!!  :)   So now, I will try to NOT let it all go and NOT over over over indulge and do this instead.........

1  We will go out to dinner at a nice restaurant and enjoy being together and alone :) 
2  I will tell Greg not to buy me any chocolate, but maybe some money for some new stickers for my  new planner, or maybe a new purse :)    
3  I will be in control and feel really good mentally and physically.  

I'm feeling good about this plan, and I hope that I can make it happen!

So, these are my goals for February

All are self explanatory except Photo Albums.  This is one area that my life that is totally out of control.  I have so many pictures that are not in photo albums yet.  So many that need to be taken out of old albums and need to be thinned out because who really needs 20 pictures of Blayne at 6 months?  Or 30 pictures of Connor at 8 months?  Or 40 of Dominic's Sr. year in baseball?  Enough!  This has been in the back of my mind for so long and I plan to start this project soon!

One more thing I forgot to tell you.  I started a Challenge.  I love challenges!  They really help keep me motivated and push me to stay focused.  This one is a "Plank Challenge".  I am doing it with some of the women in my weight loss group.  Here is the chart if you are interested in trying something like this :) 

Planks are so tough for me because I really don't have any stomach muscles or core.  Doing Pilates is really helping me in these areas, but these first 2 days were still tough! :)  

Anyway, this is my February!  I'm excited to see how I feel after eating no chocolate.  Will I still crave it?  Will I abstain?  Will I cave?  We shall see :) 

Have a great day and remember to give yourself a hug :) 



  1. 14 pounds is EXCELLENT! NEVER downplay a pound lost! If you wouldn't have been doing weight watchers and if you wouldn't have tried (even if it was half hearted some days around the holidays and only half successful in your eyes) where would you have been in terms of weight on the scales????

  2. Good luck with your February challenges! I need to attack my pictures as well - not only do I have tons of them, but double prints...ack.

    Enjoy your Valentine's Day without chocolate - it CAN be done. Love your other gift option ideas. :)

  3. 14 lbs is wonderful! And great job this week! I really like your non-food gift ideas. It's very hard for me sometimes to do non-food rewards because like you one of my excuses is "I deserve it". Trying to change that. :-) Congratulations, Lori!

  4. Hey Lori! I just found your blog from the nice post you left me! I'll be following you for sure! I get so much from my fellow weight loss bloggers! You have a beautiful blog! Take care!

  5. 14 pounds is definitely amazing! If it helps, it took me 4 months to lose my first 14 pounds, but I gained/maintained some for the next several months and it took me an additional 5 months to get back to 14 pounds lost. So basically, it took me 9 months to say goodbye forever to those first 14 pounds!

  6. 14 pounds is a total win - you did that over the holiday season - high five!! And now you are moving farther forward. I need to talk to my husband about valentine candy - I think I will ask for a smaller portion :) And seriously, I hear you about the photos - I have a stack of boxes to thin and organize.