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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Old Adage...........

Our mother is the queen of Proverbs and Adages.  We grew up hearing such sayings as, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away", "There are other fish in the sea",  "Two wrongs don't make a right", "The squeaky wheel gets the grease", "Birds of a feather, flock together".  I could go on and on.  While growing up, we hated these phrases.  We would roll our eyes, and think, "Whatever Mom!", never really taking the time to actually think about what she was trying to teach us.  Now, when I hear these phrases, I remember our Mother saying them and by gosh they are all TRUE!  How did she know?  Where the heck did she learn them?  I say these to my kids now and they look at me the same way.  There is one I still continually tell my kids and Greg........"Speed kills".   Hello???  If you are driving at 30 mph and get into a crash you are going to get injured......If you are driving fast.......Well you all know how that could end up.  Incidentally, I believe my Mom learned these from her Father :)

"You are what you eat."  This one has been hitting me in the face the past couple of years.  "You are what you eat."  I've heard it a million times, but never really heard it.  It is the truest of the trues.  I can tell you the exact kind of day I will have depending on what I eat.

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If I am eating good, and healthy, I am productive, have energy, and mentally happy.  If I over load on junk food, I am lazy, sluggish, and depressed.  Isn't my Mother the smartest person alive?

I've been hit or miss with my WW lately.  I've been making excuses to over do it on chocolate and pizza and having a fun time doing it.  Well, I haven't trained in over a week for my 5K.  I just haven't felt like doing anything, because my food has been off track so of course "all or nothing Lori" felt my whole life should be off track too.  Well, that and who wants to run when your body is full of  blahhh?!  Monday I decided that I was going to get back on track with my food, and activity.  I went to the park where I do my Couch To 5K training and took up where I had left off.  Oh my gosh did my body scream Sugar, Fat, Calories.  I tried to do the first 90 second run, and I almost got sick.  I had to stop.  I almost went home defeated, but I thought about how far I've come so I decided to just start the program over again.  I am now back on Week 1, Day 1.  All because I poisoned my body....

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I set myself back, just to have a little fun with junk food.  Was it worth it?  At the time, I thought, "what they heck,  It's only food."  I am realizing that food is NEVER only food.  It is fuel.  It is my legs running, my mind thinking clearly, and my heart beating strongly.
It is life.
It is nourishment.
It is a gift.

And I intend to start using it  more wisely :)


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  1. I hate it when a little binge can wreck all the progress you've made. My gym was closed for renovations last week and I stupidly took that as a week to slack and eat whatever I wanted. I am paying for it this week though because my body is screaming too. Good luck getting back on track! I know we can both do it!

  2. It's a journey... and you're back on track. Don't let your pizza get in the way of your goals... It's hard, I know, but commit to the basics and follow your schedule. IT WILL HAPPEN. YOU CAN REACH YOUR GOALS!!!

  3. Food can be 'the slowest form of poison' this is so true - Good luck with getting back on track :)

  4. I absolutely love the "sexy beast" image at the end of your post! It makes me laugh every time I see it. Oh, it's so true about being what you eat. When my eating is way off, I feel like crap, which you would think would be enough to discourage me from eating that way again (but it's not!)