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Monday, January 16, 2017

How To......

Happy Monday Everyone!

First of all, I wanted to share my goals for this week.

So, the steps are self explanatory.  You all know how much I dislike walking.  Well, I keep saying that I am going to put forth more effort, so here I am, yet again, making proclamations.  We shall see :) 

No sweets?  Sounds drastic doesn't it?  Well, it needs to be.  I've been taking to many liberties with goodies lately and it's not good.  Oh they still have been fitting into my WW plan, some of them being sugar free, but they have been upping my sugar cravings and the scale isn't moving down, as per my weigh in on Friday.....I was up 0.6 pounds.  So, they have to go!   We'll see how that goes as well!

Speaking of.....My weight has been teetering up and down a few pounds since just before Christmas.  I am happy with how I handled the holidays.  I enjoyed myself and my chocolate and was able to get right back on track as soon as I felt like I needed to.  This is a HUGE change for me and I am super proud of myself!  Progress!

My goal for last week was "At least 72 oz of water a day".   I hit this goal every day except Friday.  Friday I was shopping all day and "forgot" to drink as much as I should.  I am happy with my 6 days tho!  Yay! 


So lately, I have been thinking about finding something to occupy my time and help me with my healthy journey as well.  I have been thinking a lot about cooking.  I've made dinner just about every night, for almost 32 years.  It's always been quick, thrown together, and kid friendly.  It's time that I started venturing out of my comfort zone and try new recipes.  New, healthy recipes that take time, recipes that take effort, and that take more than 3 ingredients.  Now that the kids are gone, I have a lot more time to spend on making more elaborate dishes.  More importantly, now that I am older, my palate is a bit more refined, so I am more interested in trying new foods.  I need to begin by researching some "How To" cookbooks.  "How To Cook For Two".  Better yet, "How To Cook For The Menopause Woman", because I know it is totally different now.  I seriously would like to get input on what I should and shouldn't be eating now that my metabolism is changing.  The foods I used to eat, I know I shouldn't even look at now.  High School Lori used to eat Suzy Q's and Ice Cream Sandwiches for lunch with no problem.  That definitely can't happen now.   Not to mention learning what vitamin enriched foods my body needs to support my changing system.  Getting older is an adjustment in so many ways :) 

Until I can find some recipes that I'd like to try, I thought I would at least prep some meals for myself for this week.  This is new for me and I think I am really going to like it.  I decided on Mixed Veggies, Italian Turkey Sausage and Stuffed Chicken Breasts.  I also cooked up 2 servings of Brown Rice to use.  I decided to keep 2 of each in the fridge, and I froze the rest for next week.  I only need 4 because I also have Soup and Chicken Salad to use up too.

Here is my prep :)  The three containers in the back are still waiting for their chicken to cool :) 

I need to get more containers so I can prep my lunch too.  This will really help me make good choices when I am in a hurry. :) 

So, if anyone out there knows of a good "How To" book for the amateur chef who is menopausal and learning how to cook adult and healthy let me know :) 


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  1. These are great goals! I need to kick it into gear and put my Fitbit back on to encourage myself to hit those 10K steps each day too. Good for you on meal planning and prep. I'm sure your library would have some great books sectioned off that will help with the recipes that you are looking for. Pinterest would be a great resource too. Have you tried cooking with lentils? We've recently started using those either mixed with ground beef or replacing ground beef totally to help with the meat budget and save on fat and calories. Just be sure to have some Gas X on hand because they are great for giving you gas lol

  2. Great goals!! I never knew how hard 10,000 steps was to achieve until I got a FitBit and realized how much you have to focus on actually getting to that goal every day! You can do it!!
    As far as food blogs, I follow emilybites.com; iowagirleats.com; and eat-yourself-skinny.com


  3. That sounds like a great group of goals!!! The sweets creep in so easily and are so stubborn about being kicked out aren't they??

    Maybe that's a cookbook you should write!!!!

  4. Nice meal prep! I wish I were that organized LOL.

  5. great goals, indeed! All the best for the plan and I can't wait to see your cookbook :)