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Monday, December 12, 2016

Making Memories, A New Tradition

Happy Monday!  Only 12 days until Christmas!  Who else is loving all of the wonderful festivities that come with this Season?

My daughter Blayne and I have a new little tradition that we started last year.  In a little town about 45 minutes away, there is an old historic mansion called The Baldwin-Reynolds House.  Every year they open up this beautiful old home for an event called The Trees of Christmas.  Each room of the house is decorated and there is a Christmas tree in each room.  The theme last year was A Storybook Christmas.  This years theme was Christmas Around the World.  Here are a few pictures of our day :)

This picture is from their website.  I "borrowed" it to show you how beautiful it is in the snow with  a professional photographer taking the picture.....

This is my picture on the day that we visited.

This is a Gnome Tree from Norway
The top of the tree had a big red Hat on it
and moss bunched up under neath for his beard.

This is a Cherry Blossom Tree from Japan.
There were cherry blossom petals all over
and little origami birds hanging all around.

This tree is decorated for the Black Forest in Germany.

This is at the top of the staircase.
So cute!

This room is from Under the Sea!

Still the Under the Sea Room....

This Under the Sea Room was just so pretty!

I don't remember where this room was for,
but I remember it had note and post cards
all around the room.

Just a picture of one of the rooms.
The beds were sooo small!

This is a cute wreath that was decorating a door.
It is made with little clothespin people.

My Blayne :) 

We had such a wonderful day!

  I love celebrating the Christmas Season any way I can.  We have so many traditions and found memories associated with Christmas, but it's never to late to make new ones :) 


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  1. Your daughter is gorgeous!

    Those themed Christmas trees are so fun to look at - what a neat new tradition for you and Blayne to do!

    1. Thanks Shelley! I just love Christmas Trees!

  2. The trees are just wonderful! I love the fact that they showcase them in a historic home...lovely!
    Blayne is gorgeous...inside and out!

  3. How neat that the manor does something new for the holidays each year. I love that they featured different trees from around the world. I think the Under the Sea room would have been my favorite too. And, you do have one stunning daughter!

    1. Thank you! That room was just such a beautiful shade of aqua :)

  4. What a neat tradition you have started!!!! Gorgeous!!

  5. The house and the decorations are gorgeous! Someone put a lot of time into those trees!

  6. Hey Lori! Lovely decorations hope you guys had a great time 🎉