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Monday, September 19, 2016

Do It For Pete's Sake

Happy Monday Y'all!  Really I don't ever say "Y'all".  Sometimes I wish I lived down south so I could use it!  I keep seeing that little fall quote in the stores...Happy Fall Y'all!  I just love it!

Anyway, I am just sitting outside on my Sanctuary drinking my coffee and just letting the morning get away from me.  I should be at the gym with my sister, but I just can't get motivated and make the decision to leave my happy place here and spend time there.

Can you feel my struggle?

I know I need to get back to the gym.  I miss lifting.  I always just felt better about myself, knowing I did something good for my body.  I miss feeling strong and miss the way my core was feeling tighter.  I have been trying to do little bits at home.  Planks, Pilates, free weights, but I slack off because well, it's just me here, no one is watching.  You know what I mean.  

Being in my 50's now, I feel the need to be more active.  I am the least active person I know.  I mean at times, I fake it, but I'd rather be at home on the couch.  I want to be that spry older lady who walks briskly, not shuffles.  Who can do stairs without struggling.  Who can walk with a grocery cart without leaning on the handle.  I have to start now.  Can you really change your love or hate for being active?  I think you either are or are not an active person.  My mother and sister are humming birds.  Constantly in motion from sun up to sun down.  They know how to relax and do, but for the most part they are a movin!  

I found this on the Mayo Clinic's Web Site.  I know this, so why don't I just do it?  

No. 1: Exercise controls weight
No. 2: Exercise combats health conditions and disease
No. 3: Exercise improves mood
No. 4: Exercise boosts energy
No. 5: Exercise promotes better sleep

Maybe if I print this out and pin it all over the house it will sink in how important being active is. Maybe that will help push me to get to the gym?  Maybe??

The bottom line is I need to stop making excuses and take Nike's advice and..... 

Image result for nike quotes

Do something good for yourself today.  
Have a wonderful Monday!



  1. Lori! You have someone to meet at the gym and you're still not going?? While I admire your ways, being a former non-active person myself, I have to say that I'm surprised you don't go...I have a hard time exercising solo, but if I'm meeting someone, I'll always do it. Go! Be that active adult!! Well, for an hour, anyway... ;)

    1. I know! You are right! I have a gym partner to push me, so it makes it worse that I don't go. I just have to push myself. I want to! Like you sad, it's only an hour! ☺ Thanks!

  2. I live in the south and hear "y'all" all the time :) I'm from up north, so it still amuses me, and I don't actually say it myself.

    After being sick, I am struggling to get active again too. Get to the gym, and I promise I will too!

    1. I promise I will go! Let's just do it!! :)

  3. My post today is somewhat related! I don't know what happens all of a sudden ..!!!

    Lets do this!

    1. It happens out of know where! :) We can do it!! :)

  4. Food template. Get your food template straight first, then expand. I found about 85% of my food was the root cause of my morbid obesity. 40 years. A 6 year old- obese. Yep.

    Anyhoo, exercise will help your brain choose the right foods. Use this time to get beyond calories in calories out. Onward.

  5. I wonder if you found an activity that you love if you would do it more? I used to hate exercise, but I loved walking around my neighborhood and looking at the pretty houses and flowers. Then I got into a routine. Your fitness doesn't have to look like your families fitness. Be who you are. Don't conform to others. I don't always enjoy strength training, but I do enjoy the strong feeling. Over time I have learned it cures my depression. That is my motivation when I don't feel like.

    I like your blog and look forward to reading more.

  6. What a gorgeous little oasis! Yes, I feel your struggle :)